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2017 Women with a Cause

Doris Batson founded Kids Aspiring to Dream, a nonprofit that provides scholarships to students in the arts - including musicians, poets, visual artists and dancers. For more than 20 years, Doris has been an arts educator in the public schools and also does arts workshops for teacher to help them understand the benefit of using arts in the classroom. She has been named a Teacher of the Month and is listed in Who's Who among educators.

Susana Castro while teaching at Birdwell Elementary, noticed how many of her Hispanic students were struggling with their school work and needed support from home. Because many of the parents were not literate, they could not help their children. Susana instituted a program at Birdwell to teach the parents how to read and write. Upon completion, the parents are issued primary or secondary certificates from the National Institute for Adults Education of the Mexican government. More importantly, they are able to read to their children.

Kui Cogan is a native of India who yearned for an education. She learned English from the missionaries in her homeland. Her American husband brought her to America to pursue her dream of getting an education. With the help of the Literacy Council, she earned her GED and is attending Tyler Junior College. She is now on the speaking circuit to schools and other groups to tell her story and encourage young people to get an education.

Misti Ford became concerned about the treatment she observed of children of working mother who did not seem to be getting the attention they needed. She decided she needed to open a special daycare center that would provide children with loving care and a wholesome learning environment. She started with one child. Within a month, she had grown to capacity with 43 students. The need for quality childcare grew and grew as her reputation grew. She incorporated her business as a nonprofit, built new buildings, hired new teachers and aides, and now care for more than 300 "darlings." At 85, she is still going strong while "watching over her flock."

Dr. Dorothy L. Jackson, M.D., graduated in 1987, with honors, from the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, Maryland. She served in the U.S. Army for 17 years. She came home to Tyler and decided to open her medical clinic in North Tyler so she could take care of patients she knew. Family medicine is her specialty because she is concerned with the total health care of the individual and the family.

Jane Manly is the director of student services at Bishop T.K. Gorman. She founded and operates College Bound Solutions, an educational services company dedicated to assisting students and their families as they transition from students to responsibly employed citizens. Besides her professional activities, Jane is a missionary. She has worked with Mercy Ships on trips to several countries in Africa. She has joined with her church on missions to Mexico and the Dominican Republic. In 2014, she led a group of students to the Philippines, paying for those who could not afford the trip. She is active in the St. Vincent de Paul charity.